Radix (RADX) is the community token of the Radxu ecosystem

$RADX is the utility token for the community protocols, which runs on the Avalanche C-Chain.

SupplyOne Million Tokens

Distribution fromCommunity Protocols

Hosted onAvalanche C-Chain


The distribution comes from the community protocols. The CFA protocol maximum daily distributions will never exceed 20,000 daily tokens.

  • The demand comes from the protocol products, in order to create new CFA’s to keep up with the tokenomics (halvings and CFA cap).
  • The offer comes from the community users who choose to sell their distributions, thereby introducing them into the market.


Empowerment through Governance: The Radxu community holds the power to shape the future of the platform through democratic governance. CFA owners have a voice and can partake in the decision-making, that will shape the direction of the community.

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