Experience the power of community-driven development with the Radxu Foundation

The Radxu Foundation is a grassroots initiative that demonstrates how a community can fund its own growth, independent of products controlled by centralised entities.

Open dApp

The Radxu Foundation is 100% focused on community and on the tools to make DeFi more transparent and safe.


Eco-system for self-sustainability

On chain analysis

Tools for users to better analyse contracts


Focussed on development for open collaboration


Developer base for auditing smart contracts

Marketing and SEO

Tools to make launching products more transparent


Making defi easier to understand and use

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The product that you develop, you own

The Radxu Community gives back to the ecosystem by creating protocols by and for the broader community of web3

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Our Objectives

We are not only focused on making crypto less intimidating and increasing adoption through organic means, we are also concerned with building and sustaining community governance, fostering a collaborative atmosphere.

In addition, we consider ways to establish and maintain community governance, cultivate a cooperative environment, eliminate financial incentives as the sole driver, and explore the implementation of a subscription service for premium quality tools.

marketing and branding
  • Engaging and partnering with businesses and other projects for exposure and collaboration.
  • Collaboration with educational institutions for growth and training.
  • Showcasing community funding as a valid means of launching projects.
  • Identifying high-impact projects that benefit the community and wider Web 3.0 space.
  • Development of tools to improve web3.0 functionality.
Development & Ecosystem
  • Developer relations and resource pooling.
  • Funding and resources for core software development.
  • Data driven decision-making.
  • Fraud prevention & audit resources.
  • Software branding, packaging, & distribution for maximum exposure.
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About Us

We are building best-in-class DeFi tools to create utility and sustain our ecosystem.

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